Ice gel sheets can be used to temperature control most products. Ideal when transporting samples to clients.

ThermaFreeze Ice Gel Sheets provide greater temperature control in the shipment of perishables, greatly reducing food, or temperature sensitive product spoilage. When  sheets are used in packaging it provides longer cooling time than ice, or ice bricks. It is reusable and non-toxic. For more information please visit

Let us help you keep your product CHILLED and FROZEN for longer! High quality flexible ThermaFreeze Ice Gel Sheets & Polyboxes in various sizes.

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thermafreeze ice gel sheets are ideal for gthe transportation of food for an event or samples delivery to a prospective client.
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Option one-  Supply and deliver temperature controlled ThermaFreeze packaging directly to the
customer – high quality polystyrene polyboxes with flexible refrigerant ThermaFreeze ice gel sheets
for you to pack (with full Instructions) and arrange own delivery.


thermafreeze ice gel sheets used in conjunction with a polybox allows for your chilled or frozen samples to be delivered at a greater distance.
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Option two-  Collection of product in a refrigerated vehicle. The product will then be
carefully packed in polystyrene polyboxes with flexible refrigerant  ice gel sheets. We will
then arrange onward delivery by air or road freight to the final destination.


After your product is chilled of frozen, it can be dleivered in one of our temperature controlled vehicles for ultimate delivery.

Option three-  Temperature Controlled Courier service door to door with
complete location and temperature tracking service.



Manufacturer of Ice Gel Sheets. FDA approved. Veristile lightweight solution for your chilled and frozen packaging needs.

We are the major European stockists of Thermafreeze Ice Gel Sheets as used by Eskimo Express.







Medication (insulin) protection | Cold press  for injuries or post surgery | Personal shipping of gifts

ThermaFreeze GB for Catering, Events and Festivals.  Travel, Expeditions:

Airline and hotel industry (replace dry ice) | Prepared food home deliveries | Shipping of perishable goods | Keeping food and beverages cold

ThermaFreeze GB for Pharmaceutical, Medical and Veterinary:

Shipping of samples and vaccines | Cold pack and hot pack for injuries and physiotherapy | General hospital applications | Equine (Cold compress)

This is a non drip non toxic solution. When cooling, Thermafreeze does not soak through onto your product. It is easy to cut and shape around your product-sample. Ideally used flat to avoid bulky packing. View our Thermafreeze ice gel sheets.

Sadly we can no longer drive goods to the EU – We can still despatch airfreight consignments.