Product Usage

Lightweight Flexible Ice, Non-Toxic Frozen Gel Pack. Available in Pre-Cut Sheets for Temperature Sensitive Packaging.

temperature sensitive packaging solution for your business needs.For Temperature Sensitive Packaging, it is advisable to completely wrap the product or lining a container with ThermaFreeze and placing it between layers. This is to provide the maximum refrigerant necessary to ensure proper temperature during transportation.

ThermaFreeze is guaranteed to outperform regular ice and gel packs. It is lighter and more efficient making Thermafreeze the ideal product.

No mess with ThermaFreeze sheets. Can be stored flat and dry, once hydrated it freezes faster than ice, and can be easily rehydrated. Cut to size to suit your packaging.

How we use Thermafreeze (.pdf)

Sadly we can no longer drive goods to the EU – We can still despatch airfreight consignments.