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ESKIMO PACKAGING LTD ™ the ONE STOP SHOP  –  Thermafreeze Products Supplier

Highly competitively priced Temperature Controlled Packaging.

Refrigerant packaging to include Thermafreeze products.

For longer journeys the consignment can be delivered in one of our temperature controlled vehicles. When thermafreeze products are used, it gives you piece of mind.are used

Eskimo Packaging Ltd was born out of  Connections Courier Services Ltd which was set up in 1986. After 15 years running a successful Express Courier service, the Directors decided to expand to be able to offer a Temperature Controlled Courier option. This attracted new clients from across the Food Manufacturing industry as well as Food service Distribution, Pharmaceutical, Medical & Biotech.

On many occasions, there was a need to send samples of the above by air or road freight where temperature controlled transport was not an option. Therefore, shipments would be made using refrigerant packaging to ensure the temperature stability of the encased products. Enquiries would also be received from companies wanting to get hold of similar packaging for their own use.

ESKIMO PACKAGING has it all wrapped up!

Our fleet of temperature controlled vehicles are ready and aviailable for temperature controlled deliveries throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Now, after over 15 years experience with using and selling refrigerant packaging material (including Thermafreeze “flexible when frozen” sheets, we felt we are ideally placed to advise customers on the optimal use of these thermafreeze products.

 Products can be monitored by accessing the website with our password. Position, speed and load area temperatures are monitored in real time. We can also offer a next day sample service using Thermafreeze ice packs, for which we are the European Distributor. This can provide a cost effective and reliable method of refrigerated and frozen next day delivery.


Thermafreeze packed products can be courier satellite tracked to ensure delevery at the precise temperature.

Euroscan is our tracking provider, and have more than 15 years of development experience in the area of electronics for the automotive industry. This experience and in-house production, guarantee first class quality, which can be relied upon under all circumstances and makes them the leading supplier of system solutions in the area of mobile temperature monitoring in the world.

For access to your vehicle tracking, telephone our office for the access codes
and then log into: www.euroscanweb2.com


Sadly we can no longer drive goods to the EU – We can still despatch airfreight consignments.