Thermafreeze Ice Gel Sheets

We are the main Thermafreeze agent for Thermafreeze and able to supply our products to most european countires.

  ThermaFreeze is the ultimate reusable ice solution.



The sheets are versitile and when flat can save on pacaing space making shiping more cost effective.

 ice gel sheets


Thermafreeze GB, the Ultimate Reusable Ice gel sheet. With a wide range of applications, it has many advantages over the other competitors in the market. Devoted to customer service, Eskimo-Packaging.Co.Uk  is a supplier with a high standard of quality. Cost efficient, it can be used for a wide range of applications. From commercial to recreational, medical to therapeutic. The materials use to achieve the fastest hydrating, strongest, most flexible and most effective ice sheets in the world. This product serves a wide variety of personal, commercial and medical applications.



When buying thermafreeze-standard-roll , there is a massive cost saving.

Standard  roll

Not only is it easy to use, it is also very eco-friendly. Along with being able to be used multiple times by you but it can also be recycled. this product can also reduce freight and shipping costs. Each ice pack sheet contains 24 cells and consists of 4 materials- 3 film layers and a super absorbent polymer powder. The system works with the use of polymer within each cell that expands when you soak the sheets in water.





Metallic roll makes your product more presentable.

Metallic Thermafreeze roll


As it is designed to be Neutral it does not attract the prohibitions and expense of using Dry Ice, which is now catagorised as Dangerous Goods. When hydrated, the pad weighs 0.65kg. Hydration takes only seconds per pad and is done by soaking or spraying the cloth side of the pad with water. Ice gel sheet, dry ice substitute once hydrated, it is ready to be placed in a freezer and will be fully frozen in approximately 6/8 hours. When used as a hot compress application, it can be placed in a standard microwave for approximately 30 seconds and is ready for use. Ideal for chilled packaging and frozen packaging.




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